Wills & Probate

We know losing a loved one is one of the hardest things to go through and if there is will or estate also dispute it’s made even harder.

M&S Solicitor’s have specialist team to deal with your will or estate disputes. If you have any disagreement on will or inheriting estate so we can help you in that.

Fees for drafting Wills

Our fees in relation to taking instructions and drafting Wills are as follows:

Single Will £400 plus VAT

Mirror Will £600 plus VAT

Will with a life interest (single) £600 plus VAT

Will with a life interest (mirror) £750 plus VAT

There are likely to be a minimum of two one on one meetings between us our client. We take details of your instructions in our first meeting and ensure that we correctly understand your wishes and note down the same. It can from one week to three weeks for us to finalise your will ready for execution once you approve the same. Generally in the second meeting you would sign the final form of the Will approved by you.

Fees in applications for Grant of Representation

In cases where we only deal with the application for the Grant of Representation and the related formalities whilst the client deals with the administration of the estate, our fee is likely to be £2000 plus VAT (£2400 including VAT).

Under this fee, we will cover initial consultation, identify relevant steps to be taken, obtain pertinent documents and information from you and based on them, complete relevant HMRC forms, submit account to HMRC, draft the Oath for the applicant(s), submit application to the Probate Registry and forward the Grant of Representation to you upon receipt from the Probate Registry.

As part of the disbursements, you may also pay court fee to the Probate Registry which can vary from time to time and we can confirm the same to once you get in touch with us. The other disbursements may include additional duplicates of the Grant of Representation, currently 50p per duplicate.

If there are any other disbursements which may become applicable, we will notify you in due course.

Last but not the least, if the matter becomes protracted owing to additional issues such as those arising from the estate valuation or accounts submitted to HMRC bases on your provided information or some third party contesting the will or claiming interest in the estate, then there may be additional fees proportionate to the amount of additional work we are required to do.

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