Our Practice Areas

Litigation & Dispute

Disputes, regardless of who they arise between, carry the potential to be damaging in numerous ways. Whether you are facing a disagreement with a neighbour, a family member, your landlord or a professional such as a financial adviser, a solicitor or a surveyor, it is always wise to seek expert advice before the matter becomes overly convoluted and expensive.

Property Conveyancing

If you want to buy, sell or mortgage a property, so M&S Solicitors have team of experienced solicitor who can provide expert assistance which you need to deal complicated legal process.

Family Law

If your marriage has broken down, you just separate from you partner don’t know which parent is right to take children or who can look after them better, you want to adopt children or you having family property or business issues, we will help you in all these problem’s.

Immigration & Visa

We can understand that immigration or getting visa sometime get complicated and stressful. Our immigration and visa Solicitor will help in that so you can continue your future plans without any stress.

Planning & Licencing

Our planning and Licencing solicitors can guide you through the complex and complicated ever-changing planning and licencing system.


If you are having legal problems with your employs or any kind of legal problem so we will help you in that so you can build good legal relationship with your employs because your relationship with you employ is vital to your business success. Our employment solicitor’s will help you to manage all legal side and leave you more time so can focus on your business.

Wills & Probate

We know losing a loved one is one of the hardest things to go through and if there is will or estate also dispute it’s made even harder.

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